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Premier Family Farm

Hemp Products & Wholesale Ingredient Provider

About Our Farm

Premier Family Farms is a family owned farm, located in Southern Illinois. We specialize in organic practices and greenhouse cultivation. Our goal is to become USDA certified organic and have a positive impact on the industry. We have established ourselves with reputable and trustworthy companies within the industry, which allows us to source superior and clean products, offer project financing, CBD extraction, hemp transportation , and transplanting services. We believe in growing this industry by working with other companies rather than competing.


If you love enjoying a fun-filled day outdoors, interacting with nature and enjoying amazing fresh and natural hemp products, you’ve come to the right place. Premier Family Farm will work with you to get the best results from adding our products as your special ingredients. If you happen to be in the Redding area, we can guarantee you’ll love what we’ve got planned out for you!

Hemp Extraction & Transplanting

Is there a way you can combine the description of the Extraction and Transplanting services?  Its best to keep the service categories to three whenever possible.  We're not giving pricing yet and not telling them they have to purchase both so this is what I recommend.

Consulting & Financing

For the same reason, I think its best to discuss "Consulting" services and note that financing is available.  If you want to go into deeper detail about financing we can still include it on this page.

Transport Service

Transportation is kind of its own thing so I kept it separate.  The picture provided was too small a file so its pixillated.  I can lool for another truck picture if we cant get a larger version of this file.  Let me know!  :)

Examining Crops

Get to know the Farm!

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