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Caffeine & CBD

With the extreme popularity of CBD in the last year there has been a plethora of products on the market containing the new cannabidiol molecule. Typically you would find CBD in creams and supplements, but they have been infusing it in just about anything from juices to teas, to one of the most popular drinks in America: coffee. CBD is the non psychoactive compound of the cannabis plant that can help with epilepsy, joint pain, anxiety, sleep disorder, and more.

Most people are wondering what actually happens when you mix CBD with caffeine. The general assumption is that combining something that's suppose to be soothing with something that's suppose to be stimulating is counterproductive. However without federal funding for research still there isn't much information about what happens when you mix the two. Although, it is thought to be a case by case situation that varies from person to person. According to frequent CBD coffee drinker Erin Jahns, "Miraculously, however, I felt calm, cool, and collected. As my fingers skipped away at lightning speed on my keyboard courtesy of that 80 milligrams of caffeine, I didn't have the usual side effect of nerves, jumps, or jitters. I felt good, and on my way home from the gym later that day, I picked up a couple more bottles of Kickback."

Conversely, health care officials do not believe it is safe to take CBD in this way if you're taking if for a serious medical condition, because there's not enough research on dosage. Also, mixing it at high temperatures can change the composition of the CBD content. If your simply using it as a supplement and are a healthy individual you shouldn't have any issues. The take back from researching CBD in coffee is that there is still a lot of research to be done on the subject. If you don't have any serious health conditions you could certainly give it a try, but know that each individuals body may respond differently to the combination or it might just be the magical combination you've been searching for.

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